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My Top 10 Places in the World (So Far!)

I’ve been really lucky to have travelled to so many amazing places in my lifetime. Being from the USA originally, I have travelled around a good portion of the US and Canada over the years. 23 US states and 3 Canadian provinces to be exact! I’ve also seen a good part of Western Europe when… Read More My Top 10 Places in the World (So Far!)

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Cities I Am Dying To Revisit

I have been so fortunate in my life and have had the opportunity to travel to a ton of cool places—more than your average 23 year old! While I am always on the look-out for new places to explore, there are a bunch of cities I am hoping to revisit over the next few years.… Read More Cities I Am Dying To Revisit

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A Guide To Lisbon, Portugal

Whenever people ask me what is my favourite city that I’ve visited, I always struggle to answer them. There are the obvious ones that top the list like London and Paris, but people are always a little surprised when I mention Lisbon among one of my top cities. Most people have heard of Lisbon, but… Read More A Guide To Lisbon, Portugal