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Live Like a Local with Airbnb

Paris Airbnb

Disclaimer: This is not an ad, and is not sponsored in any way. I just really love Airbnb and opinions and photos are of course my own!

If you’re reading my blog, you can probably tell how much I love travel. But what I especially love about travelling is getting to experience local culture and how the locals live. I’ve never been the type of traveller to hit the main attractions before having dinner at a westernised restaurant, and then settling in for the night in a generic hotel room. I’m all about experiencing the sides to travel that you may not always expect. Of course I like to visit the tourist attractions, but even more, I like to just wander the streets of the city I’m visiting. I don’t always have a destination in mind—I just walk and see what I come across. I love people watching and feeling like I blend in with the action of the city. And I always eat the local food while travelling. Food is such a huge part of a country’s culture, and you’ll miss out on that by not eating the way the locals eat.

Another big factor for me when travelling is the accommodation. I don’t like to stay in a generic hotel room that feels like it could be anywhere in the world. Since I discovered Airbnb a few years ago, I have become obsessed. It has quickly become my favourite way of booking accommodation when I travel, as it just feels so much more personal to the location you’re visiting. For a few days, you get to feel like you really do live in Paris or Bali or whichever other place it is that you’re visiting.

My first experience with Airbnb saw my parents and me staying in a little apartment in the heart of Paris. We got off the metro amidst all the action of Montmartre and made our way through the narrow cobblestone streets to our little apartment sitting just over a French bakery. A bakery that we became regulars at over those couple of days. Inside the apartment building, in true Parisian fashion, there was a winding staircase in place of a lift. We made our way up to the 5th floor and arrived to an apartment that felt unmistakably Parisian. We had a beautiful view over our Montmartre street and had an amazing few days pretending like it was our real home. After that first experience with Airbnb, I was hooked!

Paris Airbnb

Paris Airbnb

Bali Airbnb

Bali Airbnb

Since then, I have booked countless trips through Airbnb all over the world. I have lived like a local in Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne, Cairns, Bali, Darwin, the Mornington Peninsula, and Wellington. Another amazing way I have used Airbnb is to live like a local—as a local. Airbnb is an amazing resource for holiday accommodation, but it’s also an amazing way of finding more long-term accommodation in the city you live in. When I was moving to New York City, I found my roommate through Airbnb and lived in that apartment in Brooklyn for about 9 months. Then while living in Melbourne, I found the first of my housemates through Airbnb as well!

The places you book through Airbnb aren’t just like a typical hotel room. They’re owned by someone who actually lives in the city you are visiting. So, in addition to staying somewhere unique, you receive incredible tips and advice from your host about your destination. Anyone who opens their home up to travellers through Airbnb is bound to love travelling themselves as well. I have heard some amazing travel stories from hosts I have stayed with around the world.

Mornington Peninsula Airbnb

Melbourne Airbnb

Sydney Airbnb

I also have a dream of running my own Airbnb one day! When I eventually—someday—settle down into an apartment or a house, I would love to put a spare room up on Airbnb as a way to meet some amazing people from around the world and get that international interaction I crave even when I’m not travelling myself.

When you’re planning your next holiday, be sure to check out some of the accommodation Airbnb has on offer. You’ll be surprised by some of the amazing places you can stumble upon! How else would you be able to experience living in a bungalow on the Sydney Harbour or in a bamboo hut in the heart of a rice field in Bali?

Bali Airbnb

Bali Airbnb

Sydney Airbnb

Wellington Airbnb


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Have you used Airbnb while travelling? What was your experience like? Tell me about it in a comment below!


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16 thoughts on “Live Like a Local with Airbnb

  1. Great post! So jealous I couldn’t stay in that Airbnb with you guys in Paris, it looks amazing! Airbnb can be SO much cheaper than hotels in most cities, and even some hostels if you’re staying with a small group!

  2. I can really relate to your first experience and how that got you into airbnb 🙂 For me it was traveling with my boyfriend at the time to a small town in Sicily, and prices in hotels were out of our budget really. We had heard about airbnb before and decided to take the leap – and it was great! Our host was incredibly kind, we lived pretty central, and it just didn’t have the sterile feeling of a hotel room or the missing privacy of a hostel dorm.
    I also stayed in Barcelona, Gothenburg, Achill Island (Ireland), Vieux Boucau (France)… next to couchsurfing my favorite way to really look behind the scenes and getting to know a new place from a local perspective 🙂
    Christina recently posted…15 Incredibly Cute German Towns To Enjoy This Summer’s WeizenbierMy Profile

  3. Wow you’ve stayed in some amazing places! I’ve only done it a couple of times with mixed results, but perhaps that’s something to do with lack of accommodation over the holidays

  4. loved this post and how you say its not sponored you just Love Airbnb. I’ve stayed in some awesome places and completly agree its so much nicer than staying in a generic hotel room where you could be anywhere in the world. You get to feel like you are living in the city rather than just staying there.

  5. I, too, loved staying at Airbnbs around the world! They def have more personality and character -and it almost feels like you actually live in that city! I also dream of running my own Airbnb here in Austin – one day!

  6. You seem to have stayed in some really nice airbnbs!
    I love this concept too, it’s really amazing. I totally agree with everything you say in this post. In fact, I’m writing this comment in an Airbnb right now haha. Mexico has amazing airbnbs too and incredibly cheap. If you ever come here (or maybe you’ve already been here), you won’t be disappointed!
    Cristina recently posted…The Ugly Side of MexicoMy Profile

  7. My first Airbnb was also in Paris with a view of the Eiffel tower out the bathroom window. It was a charming little place, but as Airbnb has grown, I’m more careful in my usage of it in big cities where the housing market is already tight. I try to stay in a hotel in those places, but I often use it for cottages/B&Bs!

  8. […] This is probably the most popular neighbourhood in Auckland and also the one I stayed in. It’s one of the more high-end suburbs in the city and full of beautiful houses and architecture. This was my favourite neighbourhood to explore and get lost in. There’s a beautiful area by the harbour as well as the exciting Ponsonby Road, which is full of great shops and restaurants. Ponsonby is just outside the CBD and has tons of character, so it is where I would recommend anyone stay on a visit to Auckland. I stayed at the Brown Kiwi Backpackers, which is a great small hostel. I’ve also heard good things about Ponsonby Backpackers, and if you want to stay somewhere more private, you can never go wrong with Airbnb! […]

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