I follow a lot of different travel blogs and one that I’ve been reading a lot lately is Sophee Smiles. The girl who writes the blog is spending a year road-tripping with her husband through Asia, the Middle East, and Europe to find a place that really feels like home to them. A while ago, she posted a blog about how to determine what city is the ideal place for you to live—you write down a bunch of adjectives that describe yourself and once you find a city that matches those adjectives, that is where you are meant to be. (I think her idea originally came from the book Eat, Pray, Love.)

I’ve been living in New York City for just over 6 months now, and while it’s such a great city, I know I couldn’t live here permanently. There are a lot of things I like about New York, but for me it’s just one of the many places I’ll experience before finding my perfect home. Some adjectives I would use to describe New York are loud, busy, competitive, artistic, quirky, exciting, crazy, glamorous, and fashionable. While I love some of those adjectives, I have found that New York is much more competitive and cut-throat than other cities I’ve been to and I don’t think that’s really for me. I definitely want to make the most of my time here since I know I won’t be living in NYC long-term, and in the meantime, I want to determine some other cities that might be a better fit for my personality!

Some adjectives I would use to describe myself are:

There are so many cities I want to experience living in, but I’m still not sure where I want to settle down permanently (that is if I do ever settle down). Some cities and countries I would love to experience living in are London, Brighton, San Francisco, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Los Angeles… so many! Until I can decide, I’m hoping to try living in as many different places as possible until I find a city that fits my personality and really feels like home to me!

And if you want to read the blog post that inspired me, you can check it out here:

Sophee Smiles — A Place To Call Home