While I was home in Boston over Easter weekend, my sister and I decided to play a little game where we named the top places we want to visit in each region of the world. Since I want to travel to literally every single place imaginable, this was pretty difficult for me! But after putting some thought into it, I have determined the top places on my travel bucket list for each continent. And because only naming one per continent seemed impossible, I named my runner-up for each as well ๐Ÿ™‚

North America:

San Francisco

I have wanted to travel to San Francisco for years, and I even considered moving there after I graduated last May. Based on what I know about San Francisco, I feel like my personality would fit in so perfectly. It seems so laid-back and cool, and the people seem really friendly. Every picture I’ve seen of San Francisco is beautiful, and I love how a lot of the people in San Fran have healthy outdoor lifestyles.

runner-up: Hawaii


South America:

Rio de Janeiro

Everything about Rio’s culture seems so interesting to me. All the pictures I’ve seen look so beautiful and authentic with cool architecture, mountains, and the ocean. It seems like such an adventurous city so I would love to try skydiving or parasailing there. I would especially love to visit during Carnival in February which is the biggest festival in the world!

runner-up: Buenos Aires




There are so many cities in Europe I still need to visit, and at the top of that list is Amsterdam. It seems like such a fun and creative city, and it looks so gorgeous with the canals, cobblestone streets, and old architecture. There are a bunch of classic landmarks I’d love to visit like the Anne Frank House and Vondelpark, but I’m also dying to experience the wilder side of the city in the Red Light District. I haven’t encountered anything like it in other cities I’ve been to so it would be such a unique experience!

runner-up: Dublin



Cape Town

Cape Town looks incredibly beautiful with the ocean and Table Mountain. And of course you can’t go to South Africa without experiencing the wild life! I would love to go on safari near Cape Town to see animals like lions and elephants up close. Overall, the culture in South Africa seems so different than what I’ve seen in the US and Europe, so I would really love to experience that first hand.

runner-up: Morocco




Singapore wasn’t even on my radar until a few months ago when a travel blogger I follow went there. After seeing her photos and hearing about her experiences, Singapore went to the top of my Asia bucket list! It looks so beautiful, and compared to a lot of other cities, it’s actually pretty affordable! There’s a huge Chinese culture there that would be awesome to experience, and English is an official language so it wouldn’t be quite as difficult to communicate as it would in some other Asian countries.

runner-up: Dubai




Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me in the past ten years probably knows that Australia is the #1 country on my travel bucket list. There are so many amazing cities I want to visit in Australia like Melbourne and the Gold Coast, but my top city would have to be Sydney. It looks so beautiful with the beaches and the sun and how close you are to nature. One of my dreams has always been to take a surfing lesson in Australia and also walk along the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If someone told me I could pack my bags and travel to any city in the world right now, I would have to say Sydney, hands-down!

runner-up: Fiji



You may think I’m crazy but I’m probably one of the few people who would love to visit Antarctica! There aren’t any cities there, but that’s what is so intriguing about it. It’s still so natural and unexplored. I would love to see Paradise Bay which looks so stunning, I want to take a dip in the hot springs,ย and of course I want to play with some penguins!

It’s no question of if I will visit these places… it’s just a matter of when! I can’t wait to explore all these spots and so many other places on each continent. Hopefully I’ll be able to cross at least one of these places off my bucket list this year!

Leave a comment to let me know the top places on your travel bucket list ๐Ÿ™‚

**since I haven’t been to any of these cities yet, these photos are not my own and are courtesy of Wikipedia